July 2017

Our New York team returned to Haiti in July of 2017. We brought three barrels of supplies from New York to Haiti, and we distributed back packs with note books, pens, pencils to more than 300 kids. We also delivered a LifeStraw Water Purifier to a local public school, Cazeau National Ecole.

Thanks to a generous donor we were also able to establish a new project called Operation Flip-Flops. We distribute 60 pairs of flip-flops to children in three different neighborhoods.

ABOUT OPERATION FLIP-FLOPS: Since walking is the primary mode of transportation, every day children are often prevented from attending school or even going outside due to no footwear. When kids do go outside without shoes, they are exposed to unsanitary conditions that lead to disease and sickness. Without shoes, kids often cannot go to school, leaving them without education and continuing the cycle of poverty. This is a very important project and we appreciate your continued support.

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November 2017

On Saturday November 25th, we hosted our First Annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Cazeau National Ecole in Haiti. We invited 100 people from different communities that were identified by our Haiti Team as families in need. It was a wonderful event which included food, beverages, and music. We would like to thank our 12 volunteers and the HofH Haitian Team for everything they did, from shopping and cooking to security and entertainment. The event was attend by Nice Simon, the mayor of Tabarre.

We also want to thank everyone who donated money to make this event possible. Through our Go Fund Me campaign we were able to raise $1,700 to pay for food, beverages, table and chairs, etc. We have been deeply touched by all of your support!

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September 2018

In September, we were able to provide Haitian children at the Ecole National de Cazeau with desks and chairs to do their school work. It was incredibly heartwarming to see firsthand the joy and excitement on their faces.

We were also able to distribute more than 200 backpacks, many of which were collected by the students at a school in New York City. We gave these backpacks to students at Ecole Nationale de Cazeau and Ecole Nationale de Tabarre 27. The children were very happy and appreciative. Thank you to everyone who donated for making this possible.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create long-lasting solutions to hunger and poverty, one community at a time. We aim to serve and educate individuals and families of Haiti, while working together towards a better future.