Currently Hands on for Haiti is focusing on assisting Haitian children and their families by delivering care packages with food, clothes, personal hygiene items, and school supplies, but we have many more projects in the works. Please read below to find out more.

A Road to the Commode

Our goal is to provide seven proper toilets for the children and teachers of École National de Cazeau to use during school hours, and your generous donation is vital to our mission! Your support is crucial and we’re hoping to raise $10,000 dollars to purchase toilets, pay labor for installation and build a septic system. Imagine the change in the school day for these children, when ‘going to the bathroom’ is a clean, easy, and sanitary venture. Let’s improve the conditions for these children, one potty at a time!


Care Packages Distribution

Our team makes regular trips to Haiti. We often send barrels of food, clothes, personal hygiene items and school supplies from New York City to Haiti. Once the supplies arrive we make sure they get distributed equally and fairly to individuals and families in need.

Operation Flip-Flop

Thanks to a donation from one generous donor, we have been able to establish Operation Flip-Flop. So far we have distributed 60 flip flops to children in three different neighborhoods.

Haiti is home to roughly 10 million people, the poorest and most densely populated country in the Western Hemisphere. After the 2010 earthquake and 2016 Hurricane Matthew disasters, the country was devastated and impoverished.

Since walking is the primary mode of transportation, every day children are often prevented from attending school or even going outside due to no footwear. When kids do go outside without shoes, they are exposed to unsanitary conditions that lead to disease and sickness. Without shoes, kids often cannot go to school, leaving them without education and continuing the cycle of poverty.

Thanksgiving Meal

In 2017 we organized and sponsored our First Thanksgiving Dinner. The Event was all volunteer based. We invited 100 people from different communities that were identified by our Haiti Team as families in need. The event included food, beverages, and music, and was attended by the mayor of Tabarre, Nice Simon. We raised $1,700 through Go Fund Me to pay for food, beverages, table and chairs, etc.

Sponsoring a Child's Education

Since Hurricane Matthew, many Haitians live in painful, desperate and traumatic conditions. Children often carry adult responsibilities. They don't have the opportunity to attend school and they don't have a place to call home. Many of them go to sleep hungry. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to go to school. We are in the process of establishing a one-to-one program. More information coming soon.